KT Multivision Boisar | KT Vision Boisar | Three Screen Multiplex

KT Multivision Boisar | KT Vision Boisar

Kt Multivision Boisar, or Kt Vision Boisar, is a three-screen multiplex in Boisar City. Two screens in KT Multivision Boisar are actually AC, and the remaining one screen is non-AC. It is the only theatre running in Boisar. I can still remember watching my first film, Gadar Ek Prem Katha, in early 2000 at the Kt Vision Boisar theater. What an excitement level, happiness, and Sunny Deal's loud voice in Kt Multivision!

Kt Multivision Boisar was started in early 2000; at that time, only one cinema theatre was running, which was very old and had not been renovated for a long time. So KT Multivision was a boon to the people of Boisar, as prior to KT Vision Boisar, people had no choice but to travel to Palghar or another town or city to watch films.

KT Multivision Boisar has improved a lot over the last two decades. It has been fully renovated, and people have started giving very positive reviews about KT Vision Boisar. The only complaint that people are now having is the non-AC in the third screen of KT Multivision.

KT Multivision has added JBL speakers, which are giving Dolby Sound effect. Seating arrangements have improved a lot; they have added comfortable seats with proper alignment. They have started a Bollywood Cafe menu in their canteen, which is serving more than 50 delicious food items. Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, momos, waffles, and so on are added to the new menu. 

Parking facilities are available inside and outside the premises. The parking lot is still under renovation, and they are still adding many things inside and outside the premises.Toliet facilities need to be improved. The Kt Vision Boisar staff are very helpful and polite.

BookmyShow is available in Boisar for booking online tickets for KT Multivision Boisar. At the time of writing this article, the blockbuster movie Avatar: The Way of Water and Drishyam 2 is running. Forget about any reviews about Kt Multivision and just book an online ticket for KT Multivision Boisar Screen in BookmyShow Boisar and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Faq About KT Multivision Boisar

Where is KT Multivision Boisar located?

KT Multivision is located on the Boisar-Navapur road. just 16 minutes by foot from Boisar Railway Station.

What is KT Multivision Boisar Proper Address?

KT Multivision Boisar,

241, Navapur Road, Pratapgarh, Dhodipuja, Boisar - 401501

How do I reach KT Multivision Boisar?

One can take an auto or bus from different parts of Boisar to reach KT Vision Boisar.

Is there a parking facility in Kt Multivision Boisar?

Yes, parking facilities are available in KT Multivision Boisar.

Is outside food allowed in KT Multivision Boisar?

No Outside Food Allowed in KT Vision Boisar.

How is the food item at KT Multivision Boisar?

It has improved a lot, and the food items are delicious. Samosas, waffles, and popcorn are just great. KT Multivision Boisar has done a lot during lockdown to improve their service.

What are the movie timing at KT Multivision Boisar?

12 to 3 p.m., 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and 9 p.m.

How do I book a ticket at KT Multivision Boisar?

You can book tickets by directly buying at the KT Vision Ticket counter or online through the BookmyShow boisar app.

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