Sayli Resort Boisar | Sayli Agro Farm Resort Boisar

Sayli Resort: One of the best resorts in Boisar

Sayli Resort Boisar

Sayli Resort, or Sayli Agro Farm, is probably one of the best resorts in Boisar City. Sayli Resort Boisar is the ideal resort for harried travellers and busy professionals who are very tired of city life. Sayli Resort is set in a serene and lush environment. An ideal place to relax your body in natural surroundings 

Sayli Resort's rooms are clean and comfortable, and the meals are obviously brilliant, from north Indian food to Chinese. The staff at Sayli Agro Farm Resort is very helpful and pleasant. They attend to our needs and provide us with individual attention. 

The cost of a Sayli Resort Boisar Room ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 2000. My advice to all travellers and visitors is to check prices in advance before coming to the resort.

 1. What are the different amenities and services at Sayli Agro Resort? 

A lush green garden, two swimming pools, and a number of eating options. 

2. What are the positive and negative aspects of the Sayli Agro Resort Farm? 

Every visitor has a unique perspective on the resort. There are some nice and some negative reviews about Sayli Resort. Usual. Some visitors respect the stunning place, the rides, the garden, and the brilliant meals. Some Sayli Resort visitors have even stated that it's by far the best resort to stay at in Boisar City. Some visitors do have complaints about resort rooms, air conditioning, and slow service. Because every day is different, travellers will always leave positive and negative feedback. 

If you're looking for a great place to live in Boisar, I highly recommend Sayli Agro Farom & Resort. 

 3. What is Sayli Resort location?

Kashibai Wadi, Pasthal Naka, Boisar Tarapur Road, Near Mseb Colony.

 4. Sayli Resort Boisar contact number is 9923777256. 
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